Stand Fast!

Have business at the Keep do ye? Put up your weapons! We hold no truck with vagabonds, bandits, or thieves, but if ye be true men and upright ye may enter.

Oh, you're looking for adventure, eh? Well, there's plenty to be had hereabouts if you're foolhardy enough to go looking for it.

Now then, the stable boy will see ye to the Inn. Watch you're manners, or ye will run afoul o' the Watch!

Welcome to Blog on the Borderlands. Primarily this blog will focus on exploring the First Edition game penned by Gary Gygax, but other early incarnations of The Game will be considered as well (the Original Edition by Gygax & Arneson, and the Basic iterations by Holmes and Moldvay/Cook/Marsh). Gaming products, books, movies, and other material and sources of inspiration for gaming will be considered or reviewed as well. Further, it is hoped that new gaming content will be made available, along with new or variant rules. For the most part, other editions and games will fall outside the scope of this blog.

I enjoy gaming, and hope the emphasis here will be kept on their entertainment value as a hobby. I'm frankly not interested in the state of the gaming "industry," the latest and greatest controversy or source of indigestion amongst the "old school crowd," nor am I interested in evangelizing the next generation to keep the hobby "alive." As far as I know, the game never died to begin with!
"That is not dead which can eternal lie, And with strange aeons even death may die." -H.P. Lovecraft, from The Call of Cthulhu

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Blog on the Borderlands is for the discussion of First Edition & various other incarnations of the Original Games created by Gygax & Arneson, "clones" based on these games, & 3rd party gaming material made for these games. Other games may be referred to on occasion as the site admin sees fit. Please keep comments civil, free of foul language, & within the parameters of the subject matter.

If you are not interested in First Edition, this blog is probably not the place for you to comment.