From the Prayerbook: Retribution

A new spell for lawful clerics.


Level: 7
Type: Evocation
Range: 3”
Duration: 1 round
AoE: See below
Comp: V, S, M
Speed: 3
Save: See below

Explanation/Description: A lawful cleric casting this spell calls upon the divine for judgment against his foes. Upon completion of the spell casting, a fiery pit or chasm opens directly beneath the enemies of the cleric. The chasm is a temporary portal to the fiery hells, and belches forth flames, smoke, brimstone, and a noisome reek.

All standing directly over or at the edge of the pit (1” radius) when it appears must save versus breath weapons at -4; those failing the saving throw are immediately and irrevocably lost into the nether regions of the earth.

Those nearby the pit (3” radius) take 2d8 point of fire damage, and must save versus death or be overcome (treat victims as prone) due to choking and gagging from the fumes for d4+2 rounds.

The material component for this spell is the cleric's holy cross and a vial of holy water dashed upon the ground.

ADDENDUM: I wrote this spell up about a year ago and hadn't thought about it in some time. It came to mind after reading an excellent post over at Dreams of the Lich House entitled The Priest Fight!

I heartily recommend reading that post. Its the kind of cogent  analysis and commentary that really fires the imagination for me, and I hope others give it the attention it deserves.

Copyright GA Norris 2011


  1. Casting time is too short for a cleric spell. Great idea though.

  2. After look at the casting times for various cleric spells that had offensive punch, I had initially thought a higher casting time was warranted as well. Then I remembered to look at the various beneficial spells that are reversible to cause harm. Overall, some have long casting times, and some short. In the end I decided that a short casting time met the flavor of the spell I was going for.

    This isn't the long drawn out ritual necessary to cast out a demon ala The Exorcist, this is a quick and dirty, "Damn you to hell!" I figured the spell level ameliorates the low casting time. Few clerics will ever have this spell in their repertoire.

    I appreciate the feedback and compliment.


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