Sorcerous Scrolls: Assume Gaseous Form

The following text & stats are designated Open Gaming Content as per the OGL:

Assume Gaseous Form (Reversible)

Level: 4
Type: Alteration
Range: Creature touched
Duration: 1 turn per level
AoE: Creature touched
Comp: V, S, M
Speed: 3 segments
Save: None or Neg.

Description: This spell operates exactly as a potion of gaseous form (qv.), except the caster is able to cancel the effect of at will. Willing recipients of this dweomer must remain in gaseous form for the duration of the spell unless released by the caster or a dispel magic is cast. Unwilling recipients are allowed a save versus spells to negate the effect. Material components for this spell are a bit of bone or grave dust from a slain vampire, and an empty glass vial. The reverse of this spell will force those in gaseous form to revert to their natural form, with a save versus spells applicable for those unwilling to be so transformed.

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