Finders Keepers: Sandals of the Four Winds

Sandals of the Four Winds (Monks): These magical sandals grant a monk several distinct powers. First, they allow a monk to fly as per the spell (qv.) once per week for a number of turns equivalent to the monk's level. A monk wearing these sandals is able to run up walls and across ceilings at his normal movement rate as though he were under the power of a permanent spider climb spell (cf.). Further, sandals of the four winds grant monks special insight, such that they are able to detect illusions 75% of the time within a 3” radius with no concentration on the part of the monk. Finally, a monk wearing these sandals is immune to the effects of irresistible dance, slow, hold person, entangle, or any magic or effect that would hinder his movement in any way.

Addendum: I erroneously marked this post as Open Gaming Content, and have since changed that designation. Sorry!

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  1. nice to see something cool for the Monks! I'm curious; do you run Monks as per Player's Hbook?

  2. Sorry it took me this long to reply, I spent the last few days putting in a new septic system at my house.

    In regards to the monk, I use this mostly as is from the PHB, although I've tweaked their combat ability a bit. I think they are too weak in a fight at low levels. Otherwise, I like the rest of their abilities and think they are a cool class. Straight out of Kung Fu!

    As always, thanks for the feedback!


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