Gygax in The Fleet

No, this is not a post about Gary Gygax's sordid career in the navy!

Back in the 80's, there was a multi-authored series of military SciFi set in a shared universe edited by David Drake and Bill Fawcett. I enjoyed them back in the day, and haven't read them in quite some time. I picked up the entire series at a rummage book sale a few years ago, and decided recently to give them a reread.

I had completely forgotten that Gygax had a story in this book. Its an ok story, about on par with the rest of the short stories from the other authors in the series, but it was a nice jolt to the old memory banks to realize I'd read this a few decades ago and forgotten all about it. The series overall isn't too bad if you like military SciFi, and a cut above most "shared universe" fantasy or SciFi series that have been published (which probably isn't saying much).

I figured I'd toss this info out there other Gygax aficionados to check out.

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