Finders Keepers: Ring of Mastery Thievery

The following text & stats are designated Open Gaming Content as per the OGL:

Ring of Master Thievery: This nondescript ring grants the wearer the ability to operate as a thief of 9th level, even if they are not thieves. Thieves of levels less than 9th will be able to operate at the higher level of thieving ability. Thieves of 9th level or higher gain +20% to all thieving abilities while the ring is worn. Note however that lawful and/or good characters will eventually shift in their alignment to chaotic good (if they use the ring and the thieving ability it grants for good purposes only) or to a non-lawful, evil alignment (if they use the ring for evil purposes). This shift in alignment is entirely in the purview of the game Referee. Thieves' guilds highly prize these rings, and will likely set a bounty upon the owner of one.

Finders Keepers: Club of Endless Beatings

Club of Endless Beatings: This wooden club serves as a +3 weapon. Further, it can be commanded to defend its owner; thus, the club will move about and strike opponents on its own once so commanded, attacking as a 5th level fighter. The club can be so animated for up to a full turn, once per day. Note that such clubs are susceptible to fire damage, making saving throws against such at a -1 penalty, and losing its magical bonus against such attacks as well.

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Finders Keepers: Wand of Lethargy

The following text & stats are designated Open Gaming Content as per the OGL:

Wand of Lethargy (M): This spell has an effect similar to the spell sleep (cf.); however, a wand of lethargy is able to put to sleep opponents of more than 4+4 hit dice. Up to a total of 12 hit dice worth of creatures can be put into a comatose state by employing a wand of lethargy, but each creature is entitled to a saving throw (albeit at a -2 penalty). Thus, up to twelve 1 hit die creatures could be put to sleep, or a single creature of 12 hit dice. One charge is drained for every hit die worth of creatures put to slumber, but the wand is rechargeable by the usual means. Such wands will have from 1-100 charges when found.