Finders Keepers: Club of Endless Beatings

Club of Endless Beatings: This wooden club serves as a +3 weapon. Further, it can be commanded to defend its owner; thus, the club will move about and strike opponents on its own once so commanded, attacking as a 5th level fighter. The club can be so animated for up to a full turn, once per day. Note that such clubs are susceptible to fire damage, making saving throws against such at a -1 penalty, and losing its magical bonus against such attacks as well.

Copyright GA Norris 2011


  1. Once it is on fire would it be destroyed? Would it keep attacking and then be something like a Flaming Club of Endless Beatings? Could there be a chance of putting the fire out?

  2. Those questions can be answered by the Referee at their own discretion of course. I specifically had in mind attacks made against the club that would require a save on the item saving throw table.

    Although it would be interesting to have the club do additional fire damage when it hits if it has been set on fire by a fireball or some other magic...

  3. I was looking for just the thing for my upcoming session. Thanks for the idea!

  4. As for mechanics, we're playing Pendragon. So it will have to be different. Something like:

    - Fights on its own as a +15 Club (3d6 damage)
    - As per normal weapons, any tie against a sword means the weapon is broken. In this case, the magic is gone forever. Its a fey item and so not as durable as holy relics.
    - Its a dense club, so setting it on fire would not be easy. It will, however, burn as normal wood.
    - Depending on circumstances, a knight may be considered dishonored if using the weapon. For example, in single combat such sorcery will invoke an Honor passion in the opposing knight. Dire transgressions will result in a permanent loss of Honor in the knight.


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