Finders Keepers: Ring of Mastery Thievery

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Ring of Master Thievery: This nondescript ring grants the wearer the ability to operate as a thief of 9th level, even if they are not thieves. Thieves of levels less than 9th will be able to operate at the higher level of thieving ability. Thieves of 9th level or higher gain +20% to all thieving abilities while the ring is worn. Note however that lawful and/or good characters will eventually shift in their alignment to chaotic good (if they use the ring and the thieving ability it grants for good purposes only) or to a non-lawful, evil alignment (if they use the ring for evil purposes). This shift in alignment is entirely in the purview of the game Referee. Thieves' guilds highly prize these rings, and will likely set a bounty upon the owner of one.

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