Finders Keepers: Wand of Lethargy

The following text & stats are designated Open Gaming Content as per the OGL:

Wand of Lethargy (M): This spell has an effect similar to the spell sleep (cf.); however, a wand of lethargy is able to put to sleep opponents of more than 4+4 hit dice. Up to a total of 12 hit dice worth of creatures can be put into a comatose state by employing a wand of lethargy, but each creature is entitled to a saving throw (albeit at a -2 penalty). Thus, up to twelve 1 hit die creatures could be put to sleep, or a single creature of 12 hit dice. One charge is drained for every hit die worth of creatures put to slumber, but the wand is rechargeable by the usual means. Such wands will have from 1-100 charges when found.

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