Finders Keepers: Ring of Untrained Magic

The following text & stats are designated Open Gaming Content as per the OGL:

Ring of Untrained Magic: This powerful items allows the wearer to cast a single magic-user spell of any level once per day. Note however that there is always a base 5% chance of any spell cast from the ring going awry, modified by the variables on the following chart:

Intelligence 4 or Less: Unusable
Intelligence 5-6: +45%
Intelligence 7-8: +25%
Intelligence 9-13: +10%
Each Point of Intelligence Over 12: -1%
Each Magic-user Level: -2%
Illusionist: -1%
Cleric or Druid: -1%
Fighter: +15%
Thief: +10%
Spell Being Cast is 1st Level: +0%
Spell Being Cast is 2nd Level: +5%
Spell Being Cast is 3rd Level: +10%
Spell Being Cast is 4th Level: +15%
Spell Being Cast is 5th Level: +20%
Spell Being Cast is 6th Level: +25%
Spell Being Cast is 7th Level: +30%
Spell Being Cast is 8th Level: +35%
Spell Being Cast is 9th Level: +40%

Note that regardless of the variables, the base chance for a casting to go awry will never fall below 5%.

If a spell cast from the ring does go awry, then there are several possible outcomes: the spell might fail completely, in which case the ring cannot be used again for another week; the spell may be miscast, resulting in the opposite effect occurring other than the one desired by the wearer, if the spell is reversible or can have an opposite effect; spells with detrimental effects can harm the wearer of the ring, rather than the intended target or victim of the spell; a portal or gate opens up, forcing the ring wearer into another dimension or plane randomly determined by the Referee; a strange effect as dictated by the Referee can result, rather than the desired effect of the ring wearer.


  1. Well thought out post! I really wish I had thought of something like this. I just stumbled on your blog and it is an awesome read.

  2. Thanks very much for the kind words. Work has been killing the last several months and I don't get to post as much as I'd like. Site traffic isn't what it used to be, so its nice to see that someone is still reading my blog.



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