Sorcerous Scrolls: Forked Lightning

The following text & stats are designated Open Gaming Content as per the OGL:

Forked Lightning

Level: 5
Type: Evocation
Range: 1”/level
Duration: Instant
AoE: Special
Comp: V, S, M
Speed: 3 segments
Save: ½ damage

Description: Similar to the spell lightning bolt, this spell allows the magic-user to expel a blast of electrical energy from his outstretched hands. However, the caster is able to hit multiple targets as long as they are within the range of the spell, as the lightning charge will split and extend to hit them. When this spell is initially acquired, a magic-user is able to hit up to 3 opponents for 1d6 points of damage per level, gaining another “fork” with which to strike another opponent every 2nd level thereafter. No to hit roll is necessary. A save against breath attacks reduces the damage by half. The material components for this spell are a steel rod and wool.

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