Finders Keepers: Lenses of Blindness

The following text & stats are designated Open Gaming Content as per the terms of the OGL:

Lenses of Blindness: These lenses, when placed on the eyes, will cause the wearer to become immediately and irrevocably blind. Only a cure blindness followed by a remove curse cast by a cleric of at least 9th level, or a heal, limited wish, or wish spell can restore sight to the victim and allow the victim to remove the lenses.

Note however that those who have been afflicted by these lenses, and have subsequently successfully removed them by the requisite means, will gain a permanent +3 against all gaze attacks.

N.B. Lenses of blindness will appear to be of some other beneficial type (charming, detection, seeing, etc.) unless an identify spell has been employed by a magic-user of at least 13th level.

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