Finders Keepers: Key of Thievery

The following text & stats are designated Open Gaming Content as per the terms of the OGL:

Key of Thievery: This small, nondescript iron key can be employed to open any door that has been locked with a normal lock, padlock, and the like, as well as manacles, chests or boxes, that have hidden or trick locks, and so on. Further, once per day, the key of thievery can be used to employ a knock spell to open magically held or wizard locked doors, as well as secret doors (as per a knock spell). Note that a key of thievery will not effect in any way traps that may have been placed upon a door, chest, or box, unless the unlocking of such would also serve to disarm the trap. Nor does a key of thievery reveal hidden or concealed doors, secret doors, and the like; it is merely capable of opening them once they have been detected in some manner.

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