Socerous Scrolls: Alter Alignment

Alter Alignment (Reversible)

Level: 7
Type: Enchantment/Charm
Range: Touch
Duration: Permanent
AoE: Creature Touched
Comp: V, S, M
Speed: 1 turn per hit die of victim
Save: Neg.

Description: By means of this dweomer, the spellcaster is able to change the alignment of a creature. The spellcaster can seek to determine exactly what alignment the victim will become, in which case the victim receives a +4 to his saving throw. Otherwise, the new alignment of the creature is determined randomly:

Lawful Good
Lawful Neutral
Lawful Evil
Neutral Good
Neutral Evil
Chaotic Good
Chaotic Neutral
Chaotic Evil

If the alignment rolled is the same as the alignment of the victim, then the alignment of the victim remains the same. A remove curse, limited wish, or wish can reverse the effects of an alter alignment spell. The reverse of this spell is restore alignment, which can also be used to restore the original alignment of the victim.

Note that creatures such as animals, insects, and so on are not effected by this spell, nor are undead, golems, or other unnatural, non- or animal intelligence creatures, or supernatural creatures for which an alignment change would radically alter the very nature of the creature. Only those beings that are able to freely choose and determine their own alignment, or change their alignment through the consequences of their actions, are effected by this spell.

The material components for this spell are a compass or a weather vane, a set of knucklebones, and a personal item belonging to the intended victim (a strand of hair, a drop of blood, fingernail, etc.; or an item that has been long-possessed and favored by the victim, such as a ring that is always worn, a favorite weapon, etc.)

Copyright GA Norris 2011

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